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3D Animation

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Computer animation


3D Animation and 3D Computer Animation

A digital animation shows the movement of a freely generated object in a virtual, three-dimensional space.

Especially abstract models, technical structures, or virtual characters, such as extinct animals and mythical creatures, which are impossible to explain or demonstrate to many people using conventional means, are made visible with the help of computer animation.

Here’s what we offer in the field of 3D animation:


With the help of 3D animation, you have the opportunity to bring your visualizations to life and present them even more realistically. 3D computer animation allows you to showcase your construction project to potential customers in a more vivid and impressive way through a virtual tour. The movement through virtual spaces provides viewers with more information and is easier to explain. Through the use of voice-over narration, music, text overlays, and sound design, 3D animations engage multiple senses and create emotional impact.


3D Character animation brings your characters to life. To enable character animation, we create a digital skeleton system – the “character rigging”. Whether you need a 3D character animation for real-time applications or for a realistic appearance in commercials and films, we take care of the animation process. Using motion capture recordings, also known as mocap, which capture movements of animals or humans, we create realistic 3D character animations with lifelike motion.


Technical 3D Animation allows for a convincing and understandable explanation of the functions and characteristics of your machine. You can showcase technical processes that can only be explained through motion. The numerous possibilities, such as animated cross-sections and smooth surface fades, allow for the presentation of machine parts and their functions through technical 3D animation. With a zoom effect, you have the opportunity to visually explain animated microscopic structures or processes that occur at the elemental level of components.


By using an animation, you can showcase your product in full functionality. We offer computer animation services for your products. All the product advantages and best features can be presented to the audience through animation with text and sound. Studio lighting in a virtual space ensures a magnificent appearance. Through subsequent video editing, which includes fine color and contrast adjustments, we refine the final image to flawless quality. This automatically directs the attention of your potential customers to your product.


We create realistic 3D facial animations for games and real-time applications. Our versatile expertise in facial rigging, whether it’s “blend shapes” or “joints rigging,” allows us to make your characters speak realistically. The numerous facial expressions, created with high-detail in Zbrush, ensure dynamic and believable 3D facial animation. Our anatomical knowledge of the psychological foundations of facial expressions, combined with a creative sense of timing and movement, make our facial animations appear realistic.


The computer animations make medical content visually immersive, thereby ensuring broader acceptance in the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. The highly complex processes in the human body or the functioning of medical devices can be effectively explained and easily communicated through 3D animations. This gives animated content a significant advantage over text or images, especially in medical training videos and educational films. 3D animations for medicine are an ideal solution for quickly and comprehensively conveying medical information.

3D Animation – Bringing Designs to Life

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