3D Bald Eagle, rigged and animated for the ‘Adler Mannheim’ trailer

3D Bald Eagle, rigged and animated for the ‘Adler Mannheim’ trailer


Introducing our exhilarating venture: “Adler Mannheim” Trailer. Collaborating with SCREENDAY Productions GmbH, our studio has masterfully crafted a majestic 3D eagle for this captivating production. As a leading authority in three-dimensional graphics, visualizations, animations, and character design, we left no stone unturned in delivering an exceptional service.

From the inception of the project, our dedicated team undertook the entire production process, showcasing our expertise in modeling, texturing, rigging with dynamic simulations, and animation. This introductory trailer, tailored for the esteemed Adler Mannheim hockey team in Germany, demanded nothing short of perfection as we endeavored to breathe life into the CG bald eagle with unparalleled realism.

Navigating the intricacies of creating accurate anatomy and proportions proved to be a formidable challenge, given the bald eagle’s obscured body beneath its magnificent feathers. However, our experienced artists triumphed, commencing with an in-depth study of the eagle’s skeleton, visible in the reference pictures shared here.

Utilizing industry-standard tools such as ZBrush, we meticulously sculpted the virtual 3D eagle’s body, ensuring every detail bore the hallmark of authenticity.

Next, employing the powerful capabilities of Autodesk Maya, we intricately rigged the bald CGI eagle with dynamic simulations, enabling fluid movements of its body and wings, including realistic responses of its feathers to wind dynamics. This attention to detail allowed us to animate the computer-generated bald eagle’s wing flaps, granting a mesmerizing glimpse of the feathers’ graceful motion, elevating the realism to new heights.

Each animation sequence was painstakingly crafted, encompassing the eagle’s fluid movements and even capturing the gentle tremors of its small feathers, brought to life through the breath of the wind. The scenes were thoughtfully set in a hockey hall, with dramatic lighting reminiscent of the game’s intense ambiance. Our visual finesse ensured that the 3D bald eagle, standing on the ice field, dramatically emerged, hoisting a piece of ice while illuminated from above, an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

As the CGI eagle takes flight towards the camera, its commanding cry resonates, imbuing the trailer with an electrifying atmosphere. The symbolic act of hurling a piece of ice, revealing the Adler Mannheim team’s logo within, symbolized the heralding of the game’s commencement, a powerful and evocative moment captured with our unparalleled expertise.

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond this astounding project. For those seeking custom digital creatures or realistic 3D birds, eagles, or animals, we extend an open invitation to connect with our studio. Our proficiency in the domain of 3D graphics and character animation, coupled with rigging dynamics, allows us to turn your visionary concepts into mesmerizing realities.

Prepare to be enthralled by the breathtaking realism and meticulous attention to detail as the CG eagle graces the screen, epitomizing the fusion of power and grace in this enthralling trailer. To gain insight into our creative process, we invite you to explore the first part of the tutorial on creating a virtual eagle, available on our YouTube channel.

Join us on a journey where creativity knows no bounds, and let us bring your wildest imaginations to life with our exceptional CGI graphics and animation services. For bespoke digital creatures or captivating visuals, our studio is your trusted partner. Contact us today to make your vision a stunning reality.