In this exciting project, led by Tino Latzko, we assembled a talented team of 3D artists, composers, editors, and sound designers to create a thrilling TV spot for the BAUHAUS brand during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

As a 3D artist, I meticulously crafted detailed stadium models to ensure accuracy and realism. My expertise extends to texturing, lighting, shading, and animation, resulting in visually impressive imagery that captures the essence of the World Cup atmosphere. I took charge of modeling the entire stadium. I meticulously sculpted all the small details of the structure, considering how they would move to allow the stadium roof to open and close. Additionally, I was responsible for rigging and animating the stadium. Lastly, I created the sky and set up the lighting for the final rendering. The overall mood of the visuals was also my contribution.

Agustin Schilling (pyroFX) contributed his crowd and particle modeling skills.

Daniel Swarovski (SCREENDAY) focused on setting up and texturing the environment.

Tino Latzko handled the compositing, skillfully combining different elements.

The sound design by Hasting Hamburg enhanced the viewing experience.

Furthermore, we utilized metricminds’ motion capture technology, enabling us to capture realistic movements and gestures for our animated characters.

With this project, we showcased our collaborative expertise in creating high-quality, visually striking content for major events. We are always open to new projects and collaborations, ready to bring innovative ideas to life. Contact us to discuss your next exciting endeavor.