Minecraft Animation: Promotional Film for “Arazhul Comic Adventure 2”

Minecraft Animation – THE GHOST SCHOOL! Digital Advertising Film for “Arazhul Comic Adventure 2”

We developed the animation in a “cartoon style” for Arazhul’s comic book producers. We took care of the entire production process. Our team of 3D artists and designers created the character controls and movements. The lighting was designed in vibrant colors to enhance the overall feel. Finally, we synchronized the sound effects and music with the scenes.

This project was carried out for the renowned YouTube channel “Arazhul”.

Minecraft_4J_Studios_visualisierung_3D_artist_Alexander_Beim_-Geisterschule_Horror_night Minecraft_4J_Studios_visualisierung_3D_artist_Alexander_Beim_-Geisterschule_Horror_night_wireframe