PLAYTIVE Clippys Lidl LEGO Animation

PLAYTIVE Clippys Lidl LEGO Animation . We handled the entire production of the Clippy’s Delta Sport building toy project. From animation to character rigging, environment creation, animation, and post-production rendering, our experienced team of 3D artists and designers worked closely together to create a captivating and high-quality 3D animation for the PLAYTIVE Clippys Lidl LEGO project.

Our focus from the beginning was to bring to life the vision and style of Clippy’s Delta Sport building toys. With our expertise in digital modeling and animation, we were able to create realistic characters and breathe life into them through advanced rigging techniques and detailed animations.

After the animation phase, the spot was further refined with professional rendering and post-production.

The result was an outstanding 3D commercial for the PLAYTIVE Clippys Lidl LEGO project, presenting the benefits and fun of the building toys in a captivating manner. We are proud to be part of this project and to have contributed to a successful product animation.

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