Slavko Avsenik – 3D Digital Double

“Slavko Avsenik – 3D Digital Double” is an extraordinary project commissioned by Ars Studio Avsenik

where we, as the talented team of artists and technologists, have been entrusted with the creation of a remarkable CG digital double. Our goal was to bring to life the legacy of the legendary Slovenian composer and accordionist, Slavko Avsenik, who was born on November 26, 1929, in Begunje, Slovenia.

Given the limited number of surviving photographs and old videos of Slavko Avsenik, we embarked on a challenging journey to digitally reconstruct his appearance. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and artistic expertise, we meticulously crafted a photorealistic 3D facial portrait that meets the highest standards of visual quality. Our focus was on achieving hyper-realistic detail, including the finest nuances of skin structure and lifelike realism in the eyes.

The 3D digital double


we have created serves as a photorealistic avatar, a virtual human, and a realistic character model—a testament to the capabilities of computer-generated imagery. This CG replica, or digital twin, is an exquisite representation of Slavko Avsenik and can be seamlessly integrated into various creative projects and applications.

The creative process involved various specialized tools and software, including sculpting the model in Zbrush, meticulously creating lifelike textures in Substance Painter, and rendering the final result in Autodesk Maya using Arnold’s advanced rendering capabilities.

As the team responsible for bringing this virtual human to life, we take immense pride in the high level of detail and fidelity achieved in this project. The CG digital double of Slavko Avsenik can be utilized in animation, holographic shows, virtual performances, and other media productions. It enables us to showcase his likeness and artistic presence in a manner that feels almost as real as if he were still among us.

Our abilities allowed us to create a lifelike virtual replica, a 3D portrait, a digital clone, that preserves the essence and character of Slavko Avsenik for generations to come. This animated virtual self, this 3D virtual personality, serves as a lasting tribute to the musical genius and ensures that his legacy continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

slavko_avsenik_zbrush_sculpt_character-1 slavko_avsenik_Photorealistic_3D-Digital_Double-Charact-1
slavko_avsenik_smile_3d_portrait-1 slavko_avsenik_smile_side_3d_portrait-1