Albert Einstein 3D portrait for a holographic presentation

Albert Einstein 3D portrait for a holographic presentation.

Unlock the Mysteries of History with Lifelike 3D Models – Albert Einstein, the iconic physicist, brought back to life through the art of Historical Figure 3D Modeling. Imagine experiencing his genius in a whole new dimension!

In a groundbreaking exhibition at Swarovski Crystal Worlds, we played a pivotal role in creating the “Heroes of Peace” chamber of wonders. This visionary exhibit transports visitors into the realm of Nobel Peace Prize laureates, featuring holograms of luminaries like Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King. Our mission: bringing Albert Einstein to life in stunning 3D detail through the magic of digital sculpting and character animation.

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and our artistic precision, we embarked on a high-resolution modeling journey. The challenge? To create a CG portrait of Albert Einstein so hyper-realistic that it felt like a real person and not just a digital double.



Despite the challenges posed by limited historical references, we embarked on a two-month journey to sculpt a hyper-realistic 3D portrait of Albert Einstein. Our journey began with the sculpting of the main form of Albert Einstein’s head.

Our expertise in anatomy and facial proportions, along with the use of ZBrush, enabled us to meticulously craft every wrinkle and skin detail, breathing life into the past. We delved into the world of character reconstruction, pushing the boundaries of Historical Figure 3D Modeling and CG portrait creation.




With only vintage photographs and grainy videos as references, we recreated Albert’s visage from all angles, capturing the essence of his natural aging process.

Our dedication didn’t stop at the skin’s surface; we delved deep into the nuances of facial expressions and the flow of wrinkles. The result?

An Albert Einstein CG model that feels authentically human, avoiding the pitfalls of plastic-like appearances common in CGI creations. Our Albert embodies the real, irregular beauty of aged skin.


Eyes are the windows to the soul, and crafting lifelike eyes was a paramount challenge. We persevered until we achieved an unparalleled level of realism. The culmination was an epic 3D portrait, widely considered among the best globally.






But we didn’t stop at crafting a photorealistic 3D likeness. The journey continued with the creation of facial rigging and animation. Albert had to come alive, speaking in his own voice. The key to our success lies in our mastery of facial animation. We breathed life into our creation, giving Albert Einstein the ability to express himself authentically. Original audio recordings of his speeches formed the foundation. Through painstaking research and analysis of his real speeches, we extracted and integrated his facial expressions into our animation. With facial rigging and expression mimicry, we achieved a level of realism that is unparalleled in the realm of digital artistry.



Our approach was unconventional. We relied on artistic instincts rather than scans of real heads, crafting a truly unique CG likeness. Intricate facial rigging allowed us to animate Albert’s expressions authentically, synchronizing seamlessly with audio recordings.


Ultimately, we replaced the actor’s head with a digital talking head of Albert. The end result was not just a digital double but a digital masterpiece that paid homage to Albert Einstein’s legacy. The outcome thrilled our client, and now visitors to Swarovski Crystal Worlds can marvel at holographic Albert, seemingly brought back to life.

Now, at Swarovski Crystal Worlds, visitors can immerse themselves in the interactive world of historical figures, thanks to our groundbreaking work. Our iconic Albert Einstein hologram stands as a testament to the possibilities of digital artistry, character animation, and CG modeling innovation.

Our expertise in historical figure recreation, utilizing advanced tools like ZBrush and the Arnold Renderer, allows us to craft lifelike likenesses that transcend the boundaries of photorealistic art. We’re passionate about embarking on new projects that breathe life into history. Step into the realm of digital artistry and witness the rebirth of historical icons with hyper-realistic virtual avatars. Whether you seek to recreate a historical celebrity replica or embark on a journey of character development through CGI artistry, we are your partner in creative visualization. Reach out to us today, and let’s create something extraordinary together.