Photorealistic Rigged Chameleon Model for Download

825,00 $

File: Autodesk Maya 2023 and higher
Poly count: Low Poly
Textures: Yes
Materials: Yes
Prepared for rendering: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Animated: No

License: For personal use only



Presenting the Chameleon 3D model from our project “CGI Chameleon – Reptile modeling, Animation and Camera Tracking”. This model is compatible with the Autodesk Maya 2022 version and newer. It features a low-polygon design, with a detailed displacement texture that captures all the intricate markings, complemented by a color texture incorporating various masks. If you possess knowledge of materials, you have the ability to modify the colors of individual stripes and spots on the chameleon’s skin, allowing for limitless customization of skin colors. Furthermore, the nails and pupils are separate objects, providing added flexibility.


The rigging of the chameleon has been developed based on Maya Human IK system. This enables you to animate the model, leveraging the full benefits of Human IK within Maya. You can effortlessly create animation clips, save them, and seamlessly blend them with Autodesk Maya standard animation tools. While the tail and eyes do not have specific controllers, you can animate their corresponding bones directly by a simple selection. It’s worth noting that the mouth of the chameleon does not open. Additionally, we have included a blend shape to simulate the chameleon’s breathing.

We sincerely hope that you appreciate our chameleon model and consider purchasing it to enhance your projects. We are confident that it will bring you joy and offer endless creative possibilities.

Usage Rights:

Upon purchasing the chameleon model, you will receive the necessary usage rights to incorporate it into your projects. However, it is important to note that these rights do not extend to reselling the model itself. The model is for personal or commercial use within your projects but may not be distributed or resold as a standalone asset.

Chameleon_animal_animation_TRACKING_MATCHMOVING_VFX_wireframe-1 Chameleon_animal_animation_TRACKING_MATCHMOVING_VFX